I bought my first bitch bordeux dog Black Silbert Any imported in womb in 1992, who became junior champion  in 1993 on the European Exhibition. She was the first to get this prize in Hungary. She had the first litter in 1994. From this litter Tabánfalvi Royal Andi became one of the most successful Hungarian bitch of all times. Above mentioned two bithces have established our Bordeaux breeding. Here is the list of the prizes granted  either to our own dogs, or to the dogs born in our litters:


-         1993 European Exhibition in Budapest, Red Black Silbert Any Junior Champion

-         1998-99 Tabánfalvi Royal Andi Columella Molosser Club National Champion

-         1999 European Dog Show Tulln Young Males 3.rd place, Tabánfalfi Royal Anrnold

-         Junior Male Pécs-Szabolcsi Oszkár 3rd. place

-         Tabánfalvi Royal Andi Champion class 3rd. place

-         2001 Colunella Molosser Club Exhibition Breeding Group champion    Tabánfalvi Royal Cennel (we were the first among  the Bordeoux  breeders to get this prize)

-         Breedeng couple 2nd. place

-         Tabámfalvi Royal Boldizsár Club Champion

-         Contest of breeders 1st. place

-         2002 Colunella Molosser Cllub Exhibition BREEDING GROUP  3. place

-         Breeding couple 3rd. place


-         2003 CACIB BREEDING COUPLES in Budapest, 2nd .place

-         Dortmund World Dog Show Tabánfalvi Royal Evita Champion class 4th. place

-         Dortmund World Dog Show Tabánfalvi Royal Andi Veteran World Champion

-         German Club Exhibition in Essen, Tabánfalvi Royal Boldizsár, Club Champion

-         Euro Dog Show in Zagrab, Tabánfalvi Royal Evita CAC, RCACIB

-         Szentléleki Red Rocco   junior CAC

-         Columella Molosser Club National Champion Tabánfalvi Royal Boldizsár

-         Columella Molosser  Club National   Championship, Tabánfalvi Royal Evita 2nd. place

-         BREEDER OF THE YEAR, Section: Breeders of big statured dogs

-         Champions of the Year: Tabánfalvi Royal Boldizsár, Tabánfalvi Royal Evita, Veteran Champion Tabánfalfi Royal Andi

-         Tabánfalvi Royal Boldizsár, Champion int he Hungarian Species Shampionship

-         2004 Columalla Molosser Club Breeding group 2nd. place, breeding couples 1st. place

-         Tabánfalvi Royal Boldizsár Club Champion

-         Columella Molosser Club Contest of Breedings 2nd. place

-         Columella Molosser   National Championship, Tabánfalvi Royal Boldizsár 2nd. place

-         Tabánfalvi Royal Evita2nd plc.

-         Szentléleki Red Rocco   3 rd. place

-         BREEDER OF THE YEAR  Section Breeder of dogs of big stature

-         CHAMPIONS OF THE YEAR: Tabánfalvi Royal Boldizsár, Tabánfalvi Royal Evita, Szentléleki Red Rocco 2nd. plalce

-         2005 Columella Molosser Club  Club Exhibition veteran best in Show, Felice La Rouge Demon 2nd. place

-         Breeding Couple 3rd place

-         Columella Molosser Club breeders contest 2nd. place

-         2006 VETERAN OF THE YEAR Tabánfalvi Royal Boldizsár, Hungarian Specie’s Champion Tabánfalvi Royal Evita

-         2007 Zagrab Euro Dog Show Tabánfalvi Royal Boldizsár Champion class 3rd.place

-         Tabánfalvi Royal Lujza open 3rd.place

-         Tabánfalvi Royal Evita Champion Class 3rd. place

-         Felice La Rouge Demon  Veteran European Champion



For me, the Euro Dog Show in Zagrab is perhaps the most important, because  Tabánfalvi Royal Boldizsár and Tabánfalvi Royal Evita are still int he forefront at their age of 8 years. In this days  we are striving to learn more about the species.